About The #Zoobridge Tweets

  • Each tweet is numbered in sequential order right at the start of the tweet.
  • The original date of the event being tweeted is included as a five digit number near the end, going from year (1907), month (03), day (11).
  • Every tweet includes the hashtag #zoobridge.
  • Beginning in June, the hashtag #yyc1907 is also included with #yyc1908 starting January 1.
  • Originally, these were tweeted using Jack Hope’s personal twitter account: @jackshope.
  • Starting in March, with Tweet #82, an account specifically created for this purpose took over tweeting. That account is @zoobridge_yyc.

Tweets by Month

November 1906 (Tweets #1⏤#49)
Tweets were sent in November of 2016, starting on November 5th.

December 1906 (Tweets #50⏤#70)
Tweets were sent from December 9 to 11 of 2016.

January 1906
No tweets were sent in this month.

February 1906 (Coming Soon)