Lift Day is Coming & Zoobridge’s Final Journey

Update: Monday morning, crews successfully lifted the Zoobridge to its resting place on St. George Island. See the blog post: Zoobridge is Down. Further updates coming shortly.

Update: Monday May 29, 2017 Crews will attempt to lift the Zoobridge off its piers again. For updates, follow my personal twitter account @jackshope or the hashtags #zoobridge or #zoobrdglift.


Wednesday May 24, 2017 the removal crew was going to attempt to lift the superstructure of the Zoobridge and transfer it to the ground.

As of May 26, 2017 this has still not happened but it will be happening soon.

Sooner or later, the bridge must be removed but its not going down without a fight. On May 26, the structure’s 109th birthday, it successfully resisted a being removed, partly by being about 18 tonnes heavier than estimated.

old + new-001
Comparison of old and new pictures. Left picture by Princess Studios via The Morning Albertan’s May 27 1908 edition. Right picture, ‘Elderly Bridge in Summer’ by Jack Hope in June 2015.

Zoobridge Stays Put on its 109th Birthday

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Workers atop the superstructure. Photograph by Jack Hope.

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