Author’s Note on the May 26, 2017

May 26, 2017 Blog Post

I screwed up.

I knew that the end of May was when the Zoobridge was completed and opened to traffic.

In the ‘Obituary’ I wrote for the bridge following its final closing on March 29th, I even noted that it was opened for pedestrian use as of May 27, 1908. Nonetheless, my brain defaulted to assuming the date of completion was May 30, 1908.

Hence I spent all  May 26, 2017 watching the removal crews attempting to pull the old bridge off its foundations but never bothered to mention the anniversary until I got home.

I had been going to make a little bet that the bridge would find a way to hold out till its ‘birthday’ and wanted to verify the date. I won my little bet, it got to stay put.

My bad.