No Lift Today ~ Update 2

may 25 - 1 tilt

Day 2 without a lift and like the previous day, it was due to the weather.

Basically they won’t attempt this maneuver unless the wind speeds are below 15km/h. So I’ve been checking the airport’s windspeed website obsessively but the strong winds from the day before were blowing all day.

I also am wondering why ‘knots’ are still a speed/distance unit. Why are they still a thing?

While I am hoping that I’ll get word of the lift ahead of time, I am also continuing to keep an eye on the reported and projected wind-speeds too.

Tomorrow is expected to be windy but less windy than the previous two days.

As of now the projected wind-speeds for tomorrow are to be ranging between 14 to 18km/h during the day, so right on the line.

Guess we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

If you happen to use the blogging platform Medium, check out my series: Lift Day. I will also put out a pdf version of the series once its completed.

I will be back again tomorrow.


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