Zoobridge Lift Update #1

lift update 1 may 24

So yesterday’s inclement weather, complete with 100km/h winds and pouring rain.

I basically managed to soak myself but do little else than take pictures of the remaining steel structure continuing to sit upon its abutments.

The weather is currently expected to be better tomorrow so perhaps the lift will proceed then. I will once again be observing from the Zoobridge Park on the south shore, well back of the work area.

Updates will be made as much as possible, but will be very much dependent upon conditions. I will not be updating the Medium series live, as that was simply too much to do at once and the app is much slower when not connected by Wifi.

Instagram, I will do my best to post updates to as much as possible.

Twitter updates via @jackshope will be the priority. I will also be using the hashtag #zoobrdglift for my own tracking purposes for all further tweets on this.

Also a note, my Medium Series Good-bye Zoobridge, I will be issuing as a pdf version for those who don’t use the Medium App.

The weather today is looking to be quite windy again. I guess we will see if there is enough of a slow period of wind tomorrow to make the attempt or if the will be waiting until Friday.

More information to come.



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